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Terms and conditions

Riverstones – terms and conditions - B2B


  • The order minimum for the first order is 500 euros excluding VAT.
  • You will receive a free display with the order to show off our jewelry in your store in the best way possible.
  • Exception: if you only want to purchase jewelry from a specific city, the minimum is 10 pieces.
  • Reorders from an order amount of 100 euros excluding VAT.
  • All orders up to 350 euros (excluding VAT) must be paid immediately before we will ship them. This saves a lot of time on paperwork.
  • The standard payment term is 21 days.
  • Orders over 250 euros are shipped free of charge.
  • All our jewelry comes with a matching box and card with a meaningful quote or the city it symbolizes.
  • You can order all items individually, so that you can try out our necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets in the store or in your webshop.
  • We try to deliver from stock as much as possible. Therefore, our jewelry is usually available to ship immediately.
  • If a particular piece of jewelry is sold out, we can ship it within approximately six weeks depending on if it is staying in the collection. 
  • Most items in our collection are gold-plated. You can order the item in silver. We will have it specially made. Delivery time is 6 weeks, and this is possible from 30 pieces.
  • The margin on our products is 2.5
  • The wholesale prices are exclusive of VAT and shipping costs.
  • The retail prices stated on our B2B site are recommended prices. Please use this as a guideline. If you wish to deviate, for example in connection with a promotion or sale, please consult with us beforehand.
  • By placing your order, you declare that you are aware of and agree to these conditions.
  • If you have a question about one of the conditions, you can email us at [email protected]