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We want you to feel beautiful when you wear Riverstones jewellery and to be inspired to find more beauty in the rush of life.



My name is Ronja and I am the founder of Riverstones. In 2013 I went to Bali for a few weeks to think about what I wanted with my life. Once I relaxed I started sketching rings, necklaces and earrings and the idea for Riverstones was born.

I find that I am most inspired in moments of silence. This usually happens during a yoga class or when I take a walk in nature. My energy starts to flow and the ideas for new designs come naturally.

As far as we are concerned, a Riverstones woman strives to get the most out of life, but she does this consciously. Finding beauty in the rush of life is our mission for a reason. With our jewellery we want to inspire to pursue your dreams and ambitions, but also take a step back from time to time. By consciously planning moments of silence in your daily life, you can relax both physically and mentally. This makes it easier to listen to your intuition and get in touch with your own energy.

"Riverstones jewelry is striking enough to make a statement, but never overpowers the woman wearing it."

About Riverstones